Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cathedral Windows

I took a wonderful class this weekend at Chester County Quilting. Ramona gets the best teachers. It was all about Cathedral Windows. I have been wanting to make a grey background piece and it went perfectly with this floral I acquired in Kansas last year. I need to practice more on my machine tacking, but I like this look a lot.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


It has truly been a long while since I have sat down to create. My health has been a hindrance, or an excuse. I am not sure which, frankly. I instead keep seeking, searching, gathering ideas. Pinterest can be a great place for that. However, it may also be a lazy way out.

I have a few UFOs. I never used to do that. I was pretty good about finishing a project before starting the next one. Lately, I feel that I have lost my muse. I have the desire to create, but it is somehow not enough to help me push forward past the obstacles set before me.

Chronic illness is very stressful in many ways. Mostly, I seem to not trust in the future. I keep waiting for yet another shoe to drop or curve ball thrown my way. I have been duped before. I started to feel as though I could get on with my life and then my seizure came, bringing momentum to a screeching halt.

I am admittedly a very driven person, ambitious, goal oriented. I cannot remember when I have not had something to work toward. This has not been able to be the case for some time now. Making plans is very difficult. And something else, almost a sense of futility, keeps holding me back.

I share some beautiful images of art quilts I have found. I am in awe of their beauty. I am interested in why these images stir universe...creation..