Monday, August 18, 2014

Manly Sewing

As I mused in the last post, sewing for men I find quite difficult.  Fabric seems to have an inherent feminine quality.  Coming up with gifts for the men in my life proves more difficult every holiday season.

This year. we decided to make homemade dry rubs, ketchup, sauces, and such.  We want to make a gift basket out of something useful, like a salad bowl, and I thought I would make kitchen towels and potholders to go with it all.

So, for the manly chefs in my life, manly fabric is needed.  I have had these waiting for a project.  I just loved the moustashe fabric and the shirtings were perfect.  Now, onto the potholders.  I need to get some heat resistant batting to be sure that the potholders are useful.

I hope they like them.

Until next time,
One Little Birdie