Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sewing for Charity

These projects are for two charity events that will be taking place in the next week or so.  I call them Spa Bags, for lack of a better name.  They each have a rice heat therapy bag with herbs and essential oils, two hand warmers with the same mixture, and some other pampering stuff to make people want to spend money and try to win them.

The tote bags are my favorite pattern, Charm Party Tote.  I love how unique they look with the differing styles of fabrics
The blue tones seem much more serene and the pink one is just girly!  The pink hand warmers are made of flannel and supposed to be flowers.  The brown are supposed to be paw shaped.  Not sure that I pulled that off as well as I would have liked.

I will print up some pretty labels for the handmade goods and hopefully these packages will raise lots of money.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Organization is Key for Creativity

I was in bed last night reading a great book, Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter.  Boy was I inspired!  I could hardly sleep - I just wanted to dive right in and redo my entire sewing room.  But I waited until morning and my husband was awake.  A good idea considering our bedroom is right across from my sewing room.

I got rid of several shelves of books I had not touched in years - a hard thing for a librarian.  I was ruthless!  Now my stash is more open and I can actually see what I have better.

We will not talk about the dust bunnies, however.

This book is wonderful.  I really makes you look at your space and your stuff objectively.  This librarian and quilter gives it a big thumbs up!