Monday, March 14, 2016

Yes, I have been Busy

Yes, I have been busy.  But I thought I had better get blogging.  The two quilts I have been working on are the results of the effects that working in a sewing store has on a creative person.

The fist one here is a very bright an modern quilt for our personal use.  I have turquoise walls in my bedroom, so finding bedding that matches can be interesting.  One of my coworkers was working on a sample quilt for the store and I got the idea from that to make this quilt.  The focus fabric is the black with the leafy print and the rest of the fabrics are essentially blenders.  The blocks are very simple, so this was a quick one to piece.  Which is a really good thing because piecing is my least favorite part of quilting.  My favorite part is the designing, picking out just the right fabrics.  Next is the quilting.  Now that I have access to long arm machine, it is even better.

The quilt is too large for my design wall - it ended up at 106 X 120 - more than big enough for our bed.  Good thing I can use the long arm - no way I could handle a monster this big at home.

This is Genny.  She was helping me in my sewing room and was being a very good girl.  Her favorite job is being an area rug and keeping me company.  She will also offer her opinion once in a while on my progress in her own way with a series of dramatic sighs.  Genny also makes sure that I take frequent snack breaks and lets me know when it is time to make dinner.

This is Chai, Genny's little sister.  She is not one to be upstaged by Genny, so she thought she should also have a photo op and give her opinion.  That opinion consisted of telling me that I was spending too much time sewing and not enough time letting her into the yard or scratching her belly.

This is the result of my boss getting in a new collection of fabrics.  Normally, I would not choose anything like these.  But seeing those bolts on the shelf, I just kept looking at them thinking how great they looked.  I just had to make something with them.  I have to say I am not sure that the block pattern I chose is actually the best one for these fabrics, but I think it is working.  It ended up being a square quilt, 74 X 74.  It will most likely be a holiday gift for someone.  Now to choose a backing for it and get it sandwiched so I can quilt it.  I can do this one at home, if I can get it basted.  Finding basting space is the big challenge.

I have another idea germinating for a holiday gift quilt, so now it is time to choose fabrics for that.  Onto the next project!  Gotta keep busy!

Ciao, for now
One Little Birdie