Friday, January 31, 2014

Finished! Purple Dream

All finished!  I ordered a silk cotton blend in a lovely royal purple for backing and binding - and just enough.  I paid very close attention to the basting this quilt because I was very concerned about the slippery nature of silk.  I also ordered a silk bamboo batting.  So, I basted the quilt with both fusible basting spray as well as pins for extra confidence.

I was rewarded for my efforts and had very little issues while free motion quilting.  And I used my wonderful new machine, the Brother PQ1500.  It has a very large harp and was a dream to quilt with.  I chose a meandering swirl pattern, due to all of the straight lines in the piecing.  I used King Tut variegated purple thread (938), top and bottom.  I finished quilting with very little trouble and am quite pleased with the results.

The piecing isn't perfect.  The slippery nature of the silk won that contest.  But I am in love with this quilt anyway and proud of it in spite of its flaws.

So, after putting it off because I was intimidated by the silk, it is finally finished and I have one less UFO.  That feels good.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Purple Silk!

I was visiting the midwest a few years ago and went to a quilt shop with a blogger friend.  And there it was, on the wall.  A gorgeous purple silk quilt sample.  all shiny and purple!  I had to have the kit!  HAD TO!  and it was very reasonably priced!  The blocks are very simple.  In fact, i admit to getting board with the piecing and put it off for a while.  also, sewing with silk is very slippery work, so this is not the best example for piecing.  But who cares.  IT'S PURPLE SILK!!!!!!

I just ordered a purple silk/cotton blend for the backing and bamboo/silk blend batting.  I think this will have to be rather heavily quilted or it will tear easily if used.  And this is one I want to use.  wrap up in the silky luxurious goodness!  Squee!!!