Thursday, August 20, 2015

Only 5 months until Christmas!

Well, it is mid August.  I know that it seems early, but it is about now that I start getting anxious about the holidays.  Because i prefer to make most of the gifts that we give, it means I need to plan and start prepping pretty early.

First comes inspiration - what to make?  It feels like we have made almost everything for everyone at this point.  But I got the idea of doing stockings for most folks and filling them with cute stuff.  Browsing Pinterest, I wanted ideas of what to put inside the stockings that would not just be junk.  I am always open to ideas to be more earth friendly too.  I came across this great idea for reusable snack bags at this blog.  The pattern is great and easy.  My variation, however, it to line the bags with fused recycled grocery bags.  It makes a kind of fabric and can be wiped off easily.

This are the first results and I must say that I am very pleased.  I think they could be put into the washer to clean, but I would air dry them instead of the dryer.   I wish I had white Velcro on hand, but I used what was in my stash.  I am going to use these bags myself and make more for others - sort of customize them.  I think people will like them.