Friday, July 26, 2013

It Speaks to Me

You may know by now that I am at heart into art of all sorts.  I was privileged in my career to host some art galleries for young artists and I was always so very impressed by the quality of their work.  But once in a while, there is a piece that just speaks to you.

With the exception of the flash reflection, his piece just says it all.  I felt like this young artist reached into my soul and stole a picture of my inner drama queen.

I call it "Color Me Overwhelmed."

It is just so very expressive!  It makes me smile as well as remember times when I have felt this way.

I asked the child if I could purchase the piece.  I think she thought that I was crazy when I offered her $50.  It was worth every penny to me, more so really.  And I wanted her to know how much I respected her art, the time it took and the imagination that inspired it.

I recently ran across this on Pinterest and it says exactly how I feel when I purchase art.

When you purchase from an artist,
you are buying more than an object. 
You are buying hundreds of hours of
failures and experimentation..
You are buying days, weeks and months
of frustrations and moments of pure joy.
You are not just buying a thing.;
You are buying a piece of heart,
part of a soul,
a moment of someone’s life.
Most importantly, you are buying the artist
more time to do something they are passionate about.